*I will not be accepting students for Fall 2022*

Dr. Matt Baldwin

Assistant Professor

Matt received his B.A. in Psychology from Miami University and his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Kansas. He then spent four years as a post doctoral fellow at the Social Cognition Center Cologne, University of Cologne, Germany. Matt joined the faculty at UF in 2019. His research explores the dynamic interaction between people and the worlds they inhabit. How do people influence the worlds they live in, and how do those worlds influence people in return? Some topics of interest include political ideology and polarization, the temporal self, nostalgia, authenticity, and socio-ecological processes.

Abhay Alaukik

Graduate Student

Hello! My name is Abhay and I will join the graduate program at the University of Florida in Fall 2020, working with Matt Baldwin in the Self Mind Society Lab. I am very interested in moral psychology, judgement-making and quantitative methods: I want to understand the factors behind the simultaneous differences and similarities among moral convictions exhibited by people across the political spectrum and/or from different cultures. I am interested in learning how to model these convictions and exploring their implications using cognitive, evolutionary and behavioral models. Other topics that I’m keenly interested in include quantitative methods, mob behavior, self-concept, and the role of emotions in moral decisions.

Eva Garcia-Ferres, M.A.

Graduate Student

I am a first year PhD student. I received my B.A. from Ithaca College in 2018 and my M.A. from New York University in 2020. My research interests revolve around politics, affective cognition, morality and group identity. More specifically, I am interested in how people’s attachments to group identities influence people’s perceptions and responses to in-group moral transgressions. I am also interested in the role of social imagination and its role in promoting or undermining the status quo.

Ashley Krause

Graduate Student

My name is Ashley, and I am a first-year PhD student. I received my B.A. from Francis Marion University in 2020. My broad research interests are about how places (regions, states, countries) influence people, their perception of ideals and values, and individual differences. Other topics I am interested in are political and moral psychology and anything to do with the self! In my free time, I love to hang out with my doggos, ride my bike, and complete jigsaw puzzles. 

Samantha Zaw

Undergraduate Lab Manager

Samantha Zaw (she/her) is a 4th year student majoring in Psychology at the University of Florida. Broadly speaking, Sam’s areas of research interest include self and identity, romantic and sexual relationships, motivation, and positive psychology. In Fall 2019, she was admitted to the UF Emerging Scholars Program and examined how temporal self-comparisons—and the comparison-based self-evaluations—influence self-concept clarity. Currently, she is a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and is working on a project which explores the link between self-gratitude and character virtue development. After receiving her B.S. in Psychology, Sam aims to pursue a Ph.D. in Social Psychology.